Monster Alphabets draws inspiration from the unorthodox, forming a darkly romantic display of gothic minimalism. Monster Alphabets is a name derived from Sarah's sister's artwork. She created dark but quirky rhymes and riddles for each letter and accompanied them with illustrations. Words are combinations of letters, so what happens when each letter has its own mysterious, dark quality? From such musings spawned the clothing label, where each piece had its unique wonder. Together, they form a special language. Launched in 2012, Monster Alphabets is designed by Tokyo-trained Sarah Watanabe. Having graduated with honours from the UWA School of Architecture before turning to her true calling of fashion design, Sarah’s architectural background is evident in the discussion of form, light, silhouette, structure and minimalism seen in her fashion works. Sarah uses fabrication, texture and layering as a means to explore the concept of consciousness and capture the fragility and distortion of fashion in the digital age. Monster Alphabets was one of the six national winners of the Project Nextgen for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia 2016, recognised for creative and future business potential.